Winter's Journey

A widow and independent trucker, Loretta Brennan, is desperately in need of money. So when she gets a call from the National Carriers, a trucking contractor, offering her a premium to delivery oranges to Cheyenne, WY, she jumps at the chance. But the delivery, hard under normal circumstances, becomes impossible when a snowstorm rolls in. To make matters worse her truck seems to be having mechanical troubles. When another driver, eager for her affection, won't leave Loretta alone, Sam Emerson, a hitchhiker steps in and helps. Against her better judgment, Loretta offers him a ride and soon learns he is a capable driver. With his help, she has a chance to meet her deadline and avert financial ruin. With that in mind, Loretta offers him a job. En route the pair form a fragile bond that is tested when Loretta hears a driver has been murdered at the exact location where she and Sam had been. While she knows her safest bet would be to leave Sam at the next truck stop, she can't let go of meeting her deadline and decides to press on. But additional murders along the route make Loretta wonder if Sam could be the killer. To add to her problems, a driver in a white rig is trying to force them into a deadly accident. As she and Sam battle the storm, the driver of the rig plays a fatal game pursuing through icy mountain passes. Caught in the middle of a bad situation, Loretta is forced to put her trust in a man who could be a cold-blooded killer while she battles to hold onto her heart.

Reading Winter's Journey, I was struck by the unusual setting (most of the story is set in the cab of a semi-truck); the strong heroine, (a truck-driving single parent); and the iffy hero, (a penniless drifter who is good with a knife). The author did a great job of keeping up the tension and conflict. Also being transported into the world of truckers, though not sexy, was imaginative and interesting. The character's felt real and their plight realistic making Winter's Journey a page-turner.

Book Blurb for Winter's Journey

To keep the bank from repossessing her eighteen-wheeler and putting her and her daughter on the street, trucker Loretta Brennan takes a dangerous route to Wyoming with a winter storm approaching. She worries if she can make the deadline and navigate the icy roads since her driving partner husband died in an accident the year before. At a truck stop, Loretta meets handsome hitchhiker Sam Emerson, who helps her out of a bind. She feels compelled to return the favor and offers him a ride to Cheyenne. Blizzards, a series of trucker murders, and a sinister truck haunt them along their route. They grow close despite Loretta’s fear that Sam may be aligned with the killer. Is Sam a good man down on his luck or is she falling in love with a murderer?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.25