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Experimental Womens Fiction, 45,000 words

Battling cancer, runner Miriam Moses decides to run the length of Australia for a children's charity. On her run she encounters many other people in the throes of turmoil. Giving of herself and caring enough to help, each meeting leaves the parties in a different place and shows the power of hope in the face of disaster.
I liked the format and premise of the book. Ms. Odgers does a good job of showing people in a variety of situations although it is unsettling to meet people constantly in crisis.

Book Blurb for Wilderness

Wilderness is where you find it. Miriam Moses fights her own private wilderness by running for her life. Along the way, she encounters many characters, all engaged in their own pains and problems. Death, blood, tears and betrayal are rife, but even the darkest life is lit by hope. From each encounter, Miriam takes what she needs and discards the rest, but no one who meets her will ever be the same again. Especially Harry Mercury. Wilderness is where you find it. Life is what you make it. And Miriam Moses is running for her life.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.25