Because it's considered 'too dangerous to be in the world,' many have tried to destroy the Book of Athrok. Through its own evil power, the book remains. Generations ago a Lord decided if the book couldn't be destroyed it would have to be hidden. He gave that task to the Harad Simedin who has taught his descendants to do the same.

Tempest Xander, an innkeeper, and her wandering, aimless brother, Barak, are the end of the Simedin lineage. All was well until Dellor the Black, the world's most powerful and evil warlock, learns from Barak that Tempest is protecting the book.

Dellor arrives at the inn figuring she'll be easy to con. He soon learns otherwise. Deciding his best chance is to have her fall in love with him, Dellor sets out to scare her while simultaneously saving her life. He also uses his powers of persuasion.

When the pair have sex, he learns Tempest is an Avatar, a highly sexual being. When she almost dies from the power of their love making, Dellor saves her again. Dellor is taken with her kindness and generosity and for the first time in his life cares about someone other than himself.

When Tempest learns he is the Dellor she is dismayed. She renews her vow to hide the book from him and plans an escape.

While escaping another warlock descends upon her. A battle ensues as Dellor comes to Tempest's rescue. Their feelings for one another are overpowering, but can the evil Dellor and the gentle Tempest reconcile their lives and live as one? And what will become of the book?

Reading Whirlwind was like being in a dust storm. Everything is hazy and then you get dust in your eyes. While the story moves along at a good clip, the characters were one-dimensional and the story line formulaic with near-death disasters around every corner. The book had a good premise, but needed more direction.

Book Blurb for Whirlwind

Throughout history, Tempest Xander's family had been responsible for guarding the Tome of Power. And Tempest had always preserved that trust, keeping the Tome secure against all threats. But now, it seemed that the warlock, Dellor the Black, had learned of her existence and the location of the Tome.

Faced with dealing with Dellor's evil forces alone, Tempest was certain she was doomed. That was, until the arrival of the stranger.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 3.00