What Are You Wearing?

Meredith is a realtor in an unhappy marriage. To satisfy her sexual curiosity, she begins to see other men. When her husband grows abusive, Meredith leaves.
Meanwhile, she is trying to sell a home that has been the site of speculation for years regarding the disappearance of a wealthy woman. When contractors find bones buried beneath the foundation, the fervor is renewed.
As the investigation and sale drag on, Meredith enjoys dating and having different types of sexual experiences. Then a lover becomes obsessed and things take a turn for the worse.
What Are You Wearing felt more like a series of loosely-linked stories rather than a cohesive tale. There was Meredith and her new freedom; there was the 74-year old unsolved murder; there was Jack and his anal/spanking fetish and finally there was the obsessed lover.
While there was plenty of sex, violence and suspense, it bopped from one to the next frenetically leaving my brain reeling.
Most of the erotic scenes were about anal sex and spanking. Given much of that was either with an uninterested partner or a paid one, it made me uncomfortable, as if I were witnessing near-rape.

Book Blurb for What Are You Wearing?

Murder, kidnapping and depraved sexual practices revolve around a telephone sex line and a sinister old mansion. The Pringle Place is a gloomy old mansion with secrets. It is home to Abigail Pringle, an elderly spinster. Her stepmother disappeared from the house under mysterious circumstances. Many believe that Abigail’s father murdered her.

Meredith Barnes is the realtor who handles the sale of the house. While going through a mid-life sexual crisis, she is drawn into the mystery surrounding the mansion. Meredith is frustrated sexually. She has never experienced orgasm. Her husband, Jack, is selfish and insensitive to her needs. He gets off on humiliating her. When Jack’s sexual demands become more perverted and bizarre, Meredith leaves him. In her quest for fulfilment, she embarks on a sexual odyssey with younger men.

Steve is a one-night stand. He and Meredith have uninhibited sex in a hotel room that both shocks and inflames Meredith. That experience makes her realize what she’s been missing. She grows more determined than ever to make up for lost time. Then there is David, with whom she can be sexually dominant, thereby acting out a side of her nature that she has never before explored. These torrid encounters arouse her dormant sexuality and leave her ravenous for more.

However, sex with strangers is fraught with danger. Meredith is abducted by one of her lovers, who turns out to be mentally deranged. That he means to kill her, she has no doubt. Who will help her? Certainly not Jack, who is enjoying a steamy round of very kinky sex, himself. Now that he no longer has Meredith to abuse sexually, this sadistic brute of a man pays a submissive for role-play, spanking, and other sadomasochistic practices.

Toni is Meredith’s friend and fellow realtor. But she too is occupied elsewhere. A big sexy lesbian, with a penchant for prostitutes, she prowls the seamy underbelly of the city looking for hot little hoes. Sometimes she does them in her vehicle, other times in a hotel room.

As Meredith’s abductor drags her towards his van, in an isolated landscape, she struggles desperately to survive. Will help arrive in time?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 2.75