Vinyard Mambo

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Vinyard Mambo

A murder occurring in the sleepy town of Milton Falls shakes up the community. When a suspicious fire follows the murder, the sheriff postpones the town's Zucchini Festival until he can make sure the town is safe. It's too much for the town's mystery-loving Head Librarian, Anna Romeo. And she decides she is going to solve the crime herself and put and end to the fear that is roiling through the townsfolk.

Her husband, Tony, hates the idea that she could be putting herself in harm's way, and does what he can to thwart her efforts. But when the crimes begin to pile up, Anna only becomes more determined.

But then, so does the culprit.

Full of likable characters, Vineyard Mambo is like a glass of good wine. Its pace is slow and leisurely, letting the reader settle into Tony and Anna's life. Reminiscent of The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew, pieces of the mystery are revealed throughout with Anna piecing it all together. While the writing and characters are good, the tension is low-key making Vineyard Mambo less of a page-turner than many mysteries on the market.

Book Blurb for Vinyard Mambo

Mambo. Merlot. Murder. Who killed Milton Falls’ nastiest neighbor? And why? Anna Romeo, vineyard owner and librarian, wants to know. Used to be doors went unlocked, neighbors visited on porches and gossip centered around who had the biggest zucchini. Now that murder’s come calling all bets are off. Arson, burglary and cryptic tea leaf messages fill Anna’s days—and nights—with love, mystery and adventure. Can Anna unlock the key to the murder that’s got everyone on edge? And, more importantly, can she do it quickly enough for the annual Zucchini Festival to go on as planned? Only time—and a bit of luck—will tell.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00