Under The Spell

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Under The Spell

Incognito Series, #5

After living under her father's control on the Triple Aces Ranch, Justine Fielding (aka Gina Calhoun) escapes, changes her identity and becomes a high-level technical genius working for a secret government agency, a position requiring a lifetime commitment. Her only regret is leaving behind the love of her life, Alex Lynch, a ranch employee.

When her father dies under suspicious circumstances after having been associated with a known spy, Justine is sent back to the ranch to investigate undercover.

Knowing she is the sole heir of the ranch and having never gotten over her six-year disappearance, Alex is weary of her intentions. Though he tries to ignore his attraction to her, he's drawn back in. But Justine knows the romance can never be. As she works toward finding her father's killer and uncovering spy activity at the ranch, danger and passion mounts.

While plot is quite a stretch of coincidences and Justine's character doesn't make much sense, Under the Spell is well written. I felt the emotional attachment of Justine and Alex was done well. Under The Spell offers plenty of passion along with being an interesting mystery/thriller.

Book Blurb for Under The Spell

Alex Lynch has spent a lifetime working hard toward the goal of owning the Triple Aces Ranch in Fever, Tx. His dream has finally come true when Gina Calhoun-a girl he'd loved all his life, despite her penchant for looking for trouble and his penchant for bailing her out-drops back into his life, seemingly out of nowhere. Network Communications and Systems Analyst Justine Fielding, the former Gina Calhoun, is all grown up, more beautiful than ever. . .and even more restless. Little does Alex know that the woman he's falling under the spell of all over again is there on a mission to uncover and stop the dangerous men who killed her father-Alex being her chief suspect. This time, Gina may be the only one who can bail him out of the trouble about to come down on him.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.25