Truly Madly

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Truly Madly

After Isabelle Connelly's father first murders her mother than himself, Isabelle goes back to Jessup, Missouri, to settle the estate.

Unsure why herself, Isabelle moves from California back to the sleepy town and tries to make a life for herself. Even though she attempts to become a positive part of the community, the town's women shun Isabelle.

When her home is ransacked, she connects with her ex-boyfriend, Rick Hutchings "Hutch", who is now the town sheriff. The pair seems to be hitting it off again until a murder points all fingers at her.

Running at just 44 pages, Truly Madly is a quick story with interesting characters. However I felt the villain's behavior and motivation was illogical. Why she went to such lengths to frame the heroine was hard to accept.

Book Blurb for Truly Madly

A broken heart drove her away--a family tragedy brought her back.

After her parents' murder/suicide, Isabelle Connelly returns to her home town to settle their estate. But a year later, with her business concluded, Isabelle still hasn't left, even though she has every reason to. The townspeople shun her because of her family's history of mental instability, she hasn't gotten over her feelings for the man who shattered her heart, and now she's a suspect in a murder and mysterious house fire.

Someone is out to frame Isabelle for the crimes. Failing that, it appears they plan to make Isabelle their next victim.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.50