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Full of shame, Joshua harbors an attraction to Jaime, his twin brother. When their elder brother Emilio leaves the family ranch to marry and move to the city, Jaime goes out of town to take an accounting class that will help him keep the family books.

When he returns, Joshua finds it harder than ever to fight his desire. When Joshua realizes Jaime feels the same, a timid though passionate relationship begins.

Conflicted, Jaime and Joshua want to live as lovers but fear Emilio will disown them if he finds out, not to mention how others will react. But they hate living a lie and must decide whether their love for one another is worth the risk.

In this Novella by Sage Whistler, I found myself drawn into the conflict of these young men. Ms. Whistler did a good job of showing both their passion for one another and their angst over having forbidden erotic love for each other.

I'll be honest and say I'm not sure if it was controversial subject matter that kept me turning the pages or the author's storytelling skills. However, I read it straight through and readily admit the title is perfect because Torn was exactly how I felt after finishing it.

Book Blurb for Torn

Josh and Jaime have always been different, from the rest of the world that is. To them, they are one and the same person. Born identical twins, even they have difficulty telling where one ends and the other begins. They know that their love for one another crosses all social boundaries, but living apart would kill them. Fearing the backlash of being discovered, they bide their time, and explore the new dynamics of their powerful relationship.

But will they be Torn apart?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.00