Through a Stranger's Eyes

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Through a Stranger's Eyes

Enid, "E," has disturbingly vivid dreams about people in horrific situations. Though not a participant in the dreams, they weigh on her mind causing her to feel ill.
When she has a backache that will not go away, her husband Cameron, suggests she see Chantal, a yoga teacher. When Chantal helps, the friendship deepens and E tells her about the dreams.
Chantal believes they are not dreams, but rather visions. That E is helping people by absorbing some of their pain. E thinks Chantal is crazy but when she begins researching some of the facts in her dreams she finds they all could be happening.
Then E has a dream that involves a drug produced by a company that is her husband's biggest client. In the vision she see that the drugs cause fits of rage. When she researches the drug she learns many people have also had heart troubles.
That's when she reads an email correspondence between Cameron and the President of the company her confirming the drug is dangerous and that it's side effects are being hidden. After E confronts both Cameron and the President of the company, someone attempts to murder her.
She goes to Chantal and finds a circle of women who all possess psychic talents. The women convince her she is psychically gifted. While in hiding E must decide is how to handle the information about the drug company as well as how to use her abilities.
While Through A Stranger's Eyes is an interesting concept, I had a hard time reading all the stories of hardship and cruelty that were portrayed in E's dreams. I know ALL these things happen - and they are terrible - but it's hard to read, especially when you are introduced to the character’s plight only to have the character never appear in the book again.
E's growth, from someone who ignored the news to someone battling the world’s ills, was strong.
Although I applaud the author's attempt to make readers aware of the plight of others, I felt the story was a bit preachy.

Book Blurb for Through a Stranger's Eyes

Enid Todd is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary talent. While she sleeps, E becomes psychically linked to people all over the world. When her dreams reveal a dangerous secret close to home, E risks everything she’s ever cared about on a one-in-a-million chance to bring justice and save lives.
The psychic dreams change E in more ways than she could have imagined. They also lead her to Bryan, a man who loves the rainforests but feels powerless to stop their destruction. It takes the support of a disillusioned activist and the women of The Lotus Circle to convince E that her dreams point to a future in which she can build a new life for herself, make a difference in the world and—just maybe—find true love.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.75