The Time of New Weather

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The Time of New Weather

Buddy LeBlanc has the unique talent of performing tiny miracles in a time when monumental miracles are needed. The America Corporation (TAC) has taken over the federal government of the United States and is systematically stripping away the rights of Americans while dominating the rest of the world.

After setting out to find his father, Buddy befriends and begins working with a group of circus performers. When Buddy sees Rhonda Jefferson, the leader of the Dreamers, a group with a history of creative public dissent, on television, he is smitten.

When Rhonda and Buddy eventually meet it's as if a hole in Buddy's life has been filled.

Buddy's hopes of a romance are soon dashed however, when he learns Rhonda is engaged to Rodrigo, a smooth talking, handsome attorney. Determined to be near Rhonda, Buddy convinces the ragtag group of performers to join the Dreamers in their quest to fix the world.

Together Rhonda and Buddy and their groups weather the gravity storms and time shifting problems. But none of that compares to the assault TAC is waging against them and the world. When TAC attempts to take over Antarctica, Buddy, Rhonda and their hilarious group of peace-loving minions will stop at nothing to thwart TAC and save the world.

The Time of New Weather is an absurd yet witty and poignant romp. Full of fresh ideas and odd characters, The Time of New Weather kept me thinking and laughing. Part satire, part philosophical and part romance the story has something for everyone.

Book Blurb for The Time of New Weather


In this exhilarating adventure of absurdist wit, rollicking revolution and romance, the future isn’t what it used to be and the past won’t leave us alone. Bringing to mind1984 and Brave New World–but with his own twist of gleeful humor–award-winning author Sean Murphy presents a vision of an America gone off the rails: an America where it literally rains cats and dogs, where a hubcap ranch is now a National Preservation Site, where a horde of circus folk and Elvis fans are on the rampage–and where some rather suspicious things are going on with time and gravity.

Into this world is born Buddy Le Blanc, a young boy with a special gift: the ability to perform tiny miracles. Nothing big, like raising the dead or curing the sick–more like an uncanny knack for finding spare change. He longs to find a way to make a difference; but in a world where time and gravity storms can spring up at a moment’s notice (sending your belongings hurtling through the roof, or off to the Renaissance) and big business has gobbled up the U.S. government (now renamed The America Corporation), it’s hard to get your foot in the door. But when Buddy joins up with a cast of fellow seekers–renegade circus freaks, ragtag revolutionaries, a woman in search of her hat, and a particularly gorgeous journalist–in the hope of waking America up from its dream, the fate of the country may just end up in his not-so-capable hands.…


Sean Murphy is also the author of One Bird, One Stone: 108 American Zen Stories, a chronicle of Zen practice in the west, and a recent novel, The Finished Man (Bantam Dell 2004). His first novel, The Hope Valley Hubcap King (Bantam Dell 2002) won the Hemingway Award for a First Novel and was featured on the American Booksellers Association Book Sense 76 list of recommended titles in 2003. He has produced and directed documentary films, founded a theatre company, and performed as a songwriter and guitarist. He teaches writing seminars in the U.S. and abroad, and teaches writing, literature and film at the University of New Mexico. He lives with his wife, Tania, in northern New Mexico.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 5.00