The Show Must Go On

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The Show Must Go On

Having moved around most of her life, librarian Allyson Parker, has never had long-term relationships. Shy by nature, she's learned to express herself on stage acting in local theater productions. In her first lead role she's attracted to the male lead, Matt Dauer.

The feeling is mutual and the pair begin an intense relationship. When he abruptly leaves town to deal with his ex-girlfriend, Allyson feels betrayed.

Used to picking up the pieces and starting over anyway, she tries to cut him out of her life. The problem is they are still playing opposite each other in the play.

When Matthew returns he is dismayed by her cold shoulder. But Matthew refuses to give up.

Will Allyson forgive and learn to trust and will Matthew be there if and when she does?

From a theatrical point of view, The Show Must Go On felt like a backstage pass. I enjoyed the insight into local theater.

From a story point of view, the conflict was weak. I never understood why Matthew's ex-girlfriend's parents would think it would be okay to ask him to leave town and put his life on hold to attend to his injured ex. Why didn't her parents take care of her?

Plus I know Allyson was riddled with self-doubt, but her reaction to Matthew leaving seemed extreme. Knowing she hadn't heard his whole message, she jumped to conclusions then refused to take Matthew's calls.

When he returned she behaved like a high school kid running off every time he entered a room. When she refused to let him explain, I couldn't see why Matthew would work so hard to win her back.

Book Blurb for The Show Must Go On

Allyson Parker, the stereotypical shy librarian, finds an outlet for her wilder side by performing in community theater. There she can become someone else, someone infinitely more interesting and confident. Partnered in her first romantic lead with newcomer Matt Dauer, she begins to hope that life can imitate art. But can she overcome her bashfulness and self-doubts, cultivated by years of frequent locations, in order to keep his interest?
Matt moved to Washington, D.C. from Chicago to escape a cheating, diva ex-girlfriend, but he's now also far from his parents and two brothers. His greatest desire is to create a new family as close-knit as the one he left behind. He must return to that past, though, when his ex is involved in a serious car accident and he is called on to help. Will his benevolent act mean the end of his blossoming relationship with Allyson?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 3.25