The Senator's Daughter

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The Senator's Daughter

Sylvia Chatsworth, the rebellious daughter of Senator Lawrence Chatsworth, hates living in the limelight. After a failed engagement, she goes out with the straight-laced, up-and-coming Assistant District Attorney Lyle Thomas. When they are hounded by paparazzi, the pair argues and she kisses him to prove a point.

After footage airs, she is condemned by her family. Sick of living under a microscope, she flees deciding to hide from them and the media. Meanwhile, Lyle cannot get the kiss out of his head.

When Sylvia's family realizes she is missing, they hire Lyle to find her. All trails lead nowhere. While doing research on an unexplained murder and questionable real estate transaction, he stays at the Inn where Sylvia is working.

When they meet and Lyle realizes how badly Sylvia wants to avoid her family, he decides not to turn her in. Meanwhile, problems with the water supplying the Inn have begun to surface. Smitten with each other, Lyle and Sylvia spend time together only to be drawn into a conspiracy that threatens their lives.

The Senator's Daughter weaves an intriguing tale of conspiracy, suspense and love. However, the plot relies too heavily on coincidence. Also, in places, the book was slow moving.

Book Blurb for The Senator's Daughter

Sylvia Chatsworth, flamboyant daughter of a U.S. Senator, and Lyle Thomas, rising star in the San Francisco D.A.'s office, are the city's latest item. Until the tabloid news paints Sylvia as a party girl too naughty for Lyle, and her parents suggest they'd be happier if she disappeared. So she does just that.

For a hefty fee, the Senator sends Lyle off to find his daughter. When Lyle locates Sylvia in the Napa Valley and finds she's changed her image, he's intrigued enough to delay turning her in. Attraction growing, they hide out at a romantic Victorian Inn.

Lyle isn't idle, however. He's hot on the trail of some questionable real estate trades-schemes that connect a missing developer and his vintner brother, the D.A., and the Senator's "blind" trust. When a local spring in wine country turns up with mercury pollution, Lyle and Sylvia wonder how far someone would go to crash land prices and pull off a real estate coup. And is her father hip deep in Mafia activity?

With their growing love threatened by arson and attempted murder, there's also the question of trusting Lyle . . .when Sylvia discovers he's on her father's payroll . . .

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 3.00