The Secret Hunter

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The Secret Hunter

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Beyond prime marrying age and being from a family with little to offer as a dowry, Miss Gwenllian Lloyd has resigned herself to being single. When her best friend, a pug dog named Oliver, causes her to careen into Daniel Wyckliff in a garden knocking him over, desire between them flares.

Afterward she and Mr. Wyckliff meet each other at a ball where Gwenllian learns he has a substantial income and would make a suitable husband. When her sister, a Baroness, sees a marriage opportunity for Gwenllian, she arranges a house party at an estate with four other couples. The party has its intended effect allowing Mr. Wyckliff and Gwenllian the chance to meet at length.

However, Mr. Wyckliff is not able to pursue Gwenllian because he is working undercover to learn the identity of a French spy. He is not the gentleman she thinks he is, but rather a lieutenant who has worked his way up the ranks.

Gwenllian, clever and observant, has guessed that Mr. Wyckliff is not a gentleman, but her affections are unswayed. Meanwhile, Gwenllian is swept up in the Baroness's attempt to determine who the Baron's mistress is. While searching the guest's belongings, Gwenllian runs across a piece of information that points to the Baron's brother, Geoffrey, as the spy.

When Geoffrey gets a whiff that Gwenllian is onto him, she is forcibly taken off property and held. She learns of a plot to kill the entire family by French soldiers. Geoffrey is to be the sole survivor and therefore the beneficiary of the Baron's fortunes and title.

Mr. Wyckliff shows up to save Gwenllian. A battle ensues pulling in all the men of the household. When Mr. Wyckliff is injured, Gwenllian loyally nurses him. Though Mr. Wyckliff loves her, he feels he can not marry Gwenllian because his station is so far beneath hers.

Can Gwenllian convince Daniel that their love is worth it?

The Secret Hunter starts off slow while setting up the relationship between Mr. Wyckliff and Miss Gwenllian. Once the dinner party is in full swing, new conflicts are introduced and the story becomes a page turner.

Both Gwenllian and Mr. Wyckliff are interesting characters and it's fun the way the author worked the pug dog in throughout the story.

Book Blurb for The Secret Hunter

Regency romance with a touch of mystery...and a pug.

From the splendors of Georgian Bath to a house party's intimacy, Gwenllian Lloyd and Daniel Wyckliff pursue a traitor and each other.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.00