The Oldest Elf

After a depressing holiday party, Anora Snow is driving home when she is transported through a portal to the North Pole then run over by a sleigh. She awakens in the presences of Sahn-Tah Kelas and learns he is not the married rotund man of legend, but single and a hottie.

Sahn-Tah falls for Anora in the blink of his merry eye but can amazing sex keep her from wanting to return to her old life?

The Oldest Elf is an engaging, imaginative, erotic holiday story. Though it was short (just over 12 words), it has everything: humor, conflict, growth for both the characters and more.

Book Blurb for The Oldest Elf

Driving through a blizzard was the only way for Anora Snow to escape a holiday party, but on the way home she is transported and run over by Santa's sleigh. How will she explain this to her insurance company? He takes her home and shows her the workings of his Workshop, and she learns that there is more to Sahn-Tah Kelas than the rotund merry man. He is one sexy elf and he is out to claim Anora with every Christmas wish he can muster.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.00