The Jason Factor

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The Jason Factor

A lesbian, Katya is fiction author suffering from writer's block. In particular she has trouble writing about Jason Bell, a hunky heterosexual dynamo. She wants to write Bell out of the story, but he manages to creep back into her novel.

To help Katya, her roommate Jen, a heterosexual psychology grad student, suggests they pretend to communicate with Bell through a Ouija Board. She hopes this will allow Katya to see why she is allowing Bell to resurface in her book.

The plan backfires when the fictional Bell shows up in the flesh. He doesn't like Katya's plans for him and proceeds with plans of his own.

Running less than 10,000 words, The Jason Factor manages to pack a lot of imagination into a small space. The twists and turns in this novella are truly creative. It's a quick erotic read that's sure to cause a smile.

Book Blurb for The Jason Factor

Jen and Katya are roommates on a mission--cure Katya’s writer’s block in the next sixteen hours, or Katya will have nothing to submit to her editor. There’s only one problem. Jason Bell, the hero of Katya’s stories, refuses to behave himself with the female lead character. Hoping to banish Jason Bell’s attitude, Jen devises an experiment to tap Katya’s unconscious mind and free her of her block. However, Jen gets more than she bargained for when the sexy Jason Bell is delivered right into her living room! Can she turn the tables on Jason and write a hot scene of her own?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 5.00