The Jaguar Legacy

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The Jaguar Legacy

A Paranormal Romantic Suspense

When archaeologist Dr. Alistar Kincaid discovers the site of Olmec ruins in Mexico, he's determined to use them to redeem his battered reputation. But with his funding nearly depleted, jaguar sightings and superstitious locals, he's met with opposition at every turn. And that doesn't take into consideration that Liela, Kincaid's ex-wife, and Felipe Ortega, an ancient shape-shifting descendant who has managed to become the foreman of Kincaid's crew, will stop at nothing to stop Kincaid.

Enter Charley Underhill, a female investigative journalist who is desperate to break a big story in order to make enough money to get her alcoholic Mom into treatment. In exchange for an exclusive, Charley agrees to hold off publishing until Kincaid can secure the area from looters. However, even after becoming involved with him, the need for money is stronger then her desire to keep her word and she has every intention of breaking the story-as soon as there is one.

Then Charley is drawn back to the ancient Olmec world and realizes that in a previous life she was a cruel Olmec high priestess. She realizes she can read ancient texts, knows where the ruins Kincaid is looking for are and she has the ability to shape-shift.

As Kincaid gets closer to the center of the Olmec ruins, Leila and Philipe become more desperate to stop him. The only person who can save his life is Charley.

While I was appreciative of the subject matter, scope of the plot and interesting setting of The Jaguar Legacy, I felt there were too, too many coincidences. And the story lines resolved in a rather flat way.

I did like both the hero and heroine, although I never bought into the idea that the heroine's mother's drinking was so urgent that she couldn't wait a few weeks for the site to be secured.

Book Blurb for The Jaguar Legacy

A story of romance and humor, peril and suspense, betrayal and trust, healing and absolution...

What if she had lived before?

What if she had created a legacy of betrayal that spanned countless centuries?

What if passion could heal her soul and love could release her from torment?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.00