The Down Home Zombie Blues

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The Down Home Zombie Blues

Guardian Force Commander Jorie Mikkalah has a mission, to rid the galaxy of zombies. Just so happens zombies have invaded the nil-tech planet called Earth and have chosen to strike in Detective Theo Petrakos' back yard. Which is how Jorie and Theo meet.

After helping to kill the attacking zombie, Theo is beamed up to Jorie's ship, the Sakanah, where he is told he may never return to Earth.

When news comes in that the attacking zombie herd is the largest ever and that there aren't enough soldiers, Jorie is put in charge of the mission. In dire need of help, she recruits Theo. He agrees, but intends to escape until the aliens insert a chip into his shoulder that can cause instant death should he disobey them.

Faced with huge obstacles and a gut feeling the Tresh, a race interested in controlling the galaxy by controlling the zombies, are involved, Jorie tries, unsuccessfully, to get more help from her superiors. Just as she's gathered enough evidence to prove her case, most of her crew along with her ship disappears.

Without support, Jorie and Theo must find a way to defeat both the Tresh and the zombies. Fighting together and forced into tight quarters, a sizzling romance develops.

Between the dialog miscommunications (Jorie speaks Vekran, a language similar to English) and Jorie's reaction earthly delights and low-tech mechanisms, The Down Home Zombie Blues offers up many laughs.

The conflict is well established and the plot complex. Though based on Earth it doesn't have the feel of a true sci-fi novel. My only criticism is that at times, the plot was confusing with four different alien types and multiple villains.

Book Blurb for The Down Home Zombie Blues

In this steamy, suspenseful new novel from RITA Award–winning author Linnea Sinclair, a dangerously sexy space commander and an irresistibly earthy Florida police detective pair up to save the civilized galaxy . . . but can they save themselves from each other? Bahia Vista homicide detective Theo Petrakos thought he’d seen it all. Then a mummified corpse and a room full of futuristic hardware sends Guardian Force commander Jorie Mikkalah into his life. Before the night’s through, he’s become her unofficial partner—and official prisoner—in a race to save the earth. And that’s only the start of his troubles. Jorie’s mission is to stop a deadly infestation of biomechanical organisms from using Earth as its breeding ground. If she succeeds, she could save a world and win a captaincy. But she’ll need Theo’s help, even if their unlikely partnership does threaten to set off an intergalactic incident. Because if she fails, she’ll lose not just a planet and a promotion, but a man who’s become far more important to her than she cares to admit.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.50