The Bell Curve

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The Bell Curve

In The Jason Factor, the first story in this series, the fictional character Jason Bell comes to life and seduces the author's roommate, Jen. After which Jen agrees to write Jason's scenes.

The Bell Curve continues with Jason existing in two worlds. On Earth he's Jen's lover while in the fictional world he's an interspecies, intergalactic playboy. When the fictional world beckons him, Jason is whisked away through a wormhole.

After he disappears Jen looses communication with him and gets writers' block. Then the fictional world contacts Jen as well. After following directions that show up mysteriously on her computer, Jen is pulled into Jason's surreal world where they are reunited.

Jen learns the fictional world is in turmoil, oppression is rampant and there is a growing rebellious movement. The leader of this movement wants to employ Jen's help in his cause. Help Jen would be happy to give if she could ever get back to her world. Unfortunately, the species in power aren't all that interested in change and are quite happy to chase, imprison and trap Jen indefinitely so she can't change their world through her writing.

While spending time together, Jen and Jason realize they love one another but have no idea how to make a relationship work.

There is much more to the story, but I dare not write another word because I don't want to spoil the creative ending.

Ms. Amelia June once again delivers an imaginative, laugh-out-loud story full of wit and plot twists.

A goofy, irresistible dolt of a guy with a voracious libido, Jason is a terrifically fun hero. And Jen with her go-with-the-flow attitude is his perfect counterpart.

Book Blurb for The Bell Curve

Jen's life has been a blast since she became the author of fictional Jason Bell's stories. She's gleefully tortured him both on paper and in person. But when the boundless bounty hunter goes missing, Jen begins to worry. A strange summons on her computer lands Jen in Jason's universe, a place of danger and badly written science fiction. Oh no! Spider Princesses, angry revolutionaries and a ship built for sex on the run--Jason Bell's universe is not to be trifled with. Can Jen make it out in one piece? And who will suffer the consequences of an author's presence in her own work?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 5.00