The Accidental Sheriff

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The Accidental Sheriff

HA #1307 - Fatherhood

When off-duty police-officer Neil Lovitt attempts to apprehend a serial killer, his family gets caught in the crossfire and his wife is killed. To make matters worse, he is investigated for her death and though he is eventually cleared, the entire event has left a mark on his soul.

Wanting to keep his daughter safe, he accepts a law-enforcement position in a small Arizona town. When the town’s Sheriff falls ill, Neil is chosen as his replacement. It’s not a job he wants, but Neil doesn’t have a choice.

When local radio personality Carolina Sweetwater gets the task of running a story on the drama surrounding his past, sparks fly between them. When she learns the truth, she refuses to do the story.

Then an illegal mine is found on her family’s ranch. Neil heads up the investigation, while Carolina covers the story.

When the investigation turns dangerous, Neil becomes overprotective. Scared his job will endanger Carolina or his daughter, he decides to flee yet again.

Can Carolina help him through his guilt and fears and convince him to stay put?

The Accidental Sheriff was well done emotionally. Neil and Carolina’s motivation and behavior were spot on. I loved their interaction with his daughter.

Weaved in for good measure was the mystery of who was behind the illegal mining. All in all a satisfying read.

Book Blurb for The Accidental Sheriff

Sheriff Neil Lovitt was looking for a fresh start in Payson. Small-town Arizona is about as far away as a man can get from New York and all its painful memories. His job has already made him a widower and robbed his five-year-old girl of her mother. Now Neil's just looking to keep his daughter, and his heart, safe.
But Carolina Sweetwater isn't interested in safety; the headstrong rancher's daughter wasted plenty of time running from her own broken heart. Now she's ready to take a chance at love again, but Neil refuses to put another woman he cares about in danger. Can Carolina make the sexy sheriff see that he stands to lose more by risking nothing at all?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.25