Sweet Tart

Since the break up of an office romance, Abigail "Abbie" Duncan has sworn off relationships. When her best friend Mimi decides it's time for Abbie to lighten up, Mimi throws a party, a far racier one than Abbie had imagined. Upon seeing the sexy candy and party favors, Abbie's imagination roams to her co-worker Sebastian "Seb" McCallum.

Though more straight-laced then her normal type, Seb has his charms. Then, voila! Seb appears as Mimi's guest. Abbie realizes that Mimi is intent on making sure she has a good time that night and that Mimi has taken match making to an extreme.

When party games include sexy escapades, the night heats up. In Seb's arms, Abbie's resolve dissolves, at least for the night. What will the pair do when their chemistry makes keeping their relationship platonic impossible?

Sweet Tart takes a fun idea and plays with it. Abbie and Seb are spurned into sex acts by the commands printed on candy hearts. Obviously, they have no power against the sugar deity and must do what it says. Reading it was as fun as eating candy, but less filling.

Book Blurb for Sweet Tart


Office romances are a big ol’ no-no for Abigail Duncan, once badly burned by a workplace fling. Since then, she’s sworn off men in general and especially those she works with.

It’s a damn shame because Abbie’s coworker Sebastian McCallum is the hottest thing she’s ever seen—and he’s completely off limits! But when her best friend Mimi throws a “naughty edibles” party and Seb turns out to be one of the guests, Abbie decides that, coworker or not, Seb is on the evening’s menu.

Dirty candy is the order of the day and Abbie learns it’s okay to take chances in lust and love.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.25