Steamy Rebellion

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Steamy Rebellion

After a disastrous marriage, Renee Wells-Crane, a legal secretary, opts for a change. Swearing off men, she leaves Los Angeles and moves to the small town of Rebellion, Ohio.

There she encounters a man who throws her body into a state of desire. When it turns out the man is her new boss and is attracted to her, Renee struggles with her feelings.

Reeling from the death of his revered father, Rick Loman, a work-a-holic attorney, has worked to fill his father's shoes in their once-joint law-practice.

In the throes of an emotional and difficult murder case with a sexual twist, Rick is running out of ideas and asks Renee for help.

When they re-enact the crime to get a better idea of how it happened, Renee can't control her need and seduces him. Rick is delighted, but Renee has misgivings about starting an affair with her employer. Though Rick assures her there is nothing wrong with the union, Renee is ashamed of her behavior and angry with herself for breaking her decision to stay away from men.

When a friend of Rick's dies, Renee sees Rick for the loving, loyal man he is; a man different from her ex-husband. Renee's heart softens and she allows herself to trust again.

Running around 25,000 words, Steamy Rebellion is a quick, fun read. It has a steam theme running throughout which is clever. And the title is a good fit.

Both the lead characters are likable and the story is solid.

However, Rick isn't believable as a criminal defense attorney representing someone who murdered a police officer. And the murder defense and resolution feel contrived.

Book Blurb for Steamy Rebellion

Renee Wells left the west coast and headed for Ohio, the Heartland-though her own heart was encased in ice. Recently divorced, she'd sworn off men and that was fine. She was on her way to a new life, a new job, and was glad to be gone. She was in a state of rebellion and that's exactly where she was headed.Rebellion, Ohio. When she arrives, something she sees intrigues her-a mysterious man behind a fogged window. Her thoughts swirl around him and she is quickly drawn into the workings of small town life. What Renee doesn't realize is that before long, her icy heart will melt as she is drawn into the steamy situations that happen behind the closed doors of Rebellion.

Rick Loman, attorney, is swamped. His receptionist is retiring, his father passed away leaving him to handle all of their clients and now, he is handling the most notorious case in Rebellion's recent history. A murder that involves sex, a cop and his sister's best friend. When he meets Renee Wells, Rick is drawn to her like a moth to a flame. He begins to question his own state of bachelorhood while his feelings for her get tangled up with the sweltering heat of the murder case. When Renee agrees to help him with the case, both of them are threatened with spontaneous combustion as they come together in a white-hot heat, while they work to solve the question of Rick's client's innocence.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.00