Spanish Eyes

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Spanish Eyes

Rebecca Wakefield is a secretary at the Pinkerton Detective Agency. But she wants more. Deciding to proof her worthiness as a detective, she sets out to find Anton Carrera, a man the agency has been hired to find because he's accused of stealing the family jewels.

She finds Anton singing in an Opera house and follows him to where he's staying. Determined to prove his identity and to get a confession out of him, she uses her guile to meet him.

Anton is used to taking what he wants from women and the moment he sets eyes on Rebecca he goes into seduction mode. Rebecca finds him nearly irresistible but stays focused on her mission.

After his servant interrupts them, Anton dresses as a woman and scrambles to get out of the house. He tells Rebecca his Uncle is out to kill him and uses her to help get away. Anton explains that he is the rightful heir to a family island and that his Uncle is trying to kill him to secure the inheritance for himself.

They are followed to her home where she thwarts a murder attempt. Rebecca doesn't know what to believe.
Knowing his Uncle is hot on his tail, Anton decides to flee the country back to Spain where he believes he can proof he is the rightful owner and put an end to his Uncle's games.

Wanting to keep her safe, Anton takes Rebecca with him.  She's not happy about this but eventually embraces the adventure and Anton himself.

Can Anton and Rebecca dodge the assassin's bullet? Can Anton prove he is the rightful owner? And can the fragile bond between Anton and Rebecca survive the turmoil?

Spanish Eyes is an entertaining story. Strong-willed Rebecca plays off the rake Anton well. Watching them both fall in love was also fun.

The multiple locales and the fact Anton was fighting someone rich and powerful added to the story. Overall, Spanish Eyes is a book worth picking up. Enjoy.

Book Blurb for Spanish Eyes

In a world when women must fight for every right, Rebecca Wakefield is determined to become a Pinkerton Detective. Her plan? Capturing the notorious thief, Anton Carerra; a man known as much for his womanizing as he is for his brilliant criminal mind. Will he steal her heart, too?
Lady’s man, Anton Carrera is smitten with Rebecca from the very beginning. He wants nothing more than to seduce the stiff Miss Wakefield, until he learns she is investigating him for a crime he didn’t commit. She is innocent and naïve; convinced he is the villain her superiors have painted him. But her over-zealous determination places both of them in danger and he is forced to play the honorable rogue.
Sweeping her away to Padre Island off the coast of Spain seemed like a clever idea at the time. But how can he protect them both from his own uncle’s murderous games when Anton’s heart falls victim to a woman as full of independence as she is desire…

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.25