Sinful Melodies

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Sinful Melodies

Songwriter Sinclair Devlin (Sin) is about to give up on his successful career as a songwriter when he hears Mikayla Gallan sing. Instantly, Mikayla's voice and presence break through a wall he's erected around his heart since the death of his wife six years earlier. Sin knows Mikayla is the answer to his woes and sets out to have her.

Guardian of her teen-age brother Matthew, thirty-year old, Mikayla Gallan has always put her brother's needs first. In the nine years following their parent's death, Mikayla has not been with a man. When she meets Sin, however, an uncontrollable attraction overcomes her and the pair have a steamy encounter that is the best experience of Mikayla's life.

When Sin and his partner Desmond Richie offer her a contract, Mikayla makes sure her brother, a talented songwriter, is included.

Working together, Sin and Mikayla can't keep their hands off each other. The album that is created from the collaborative effort is a huge success. During the course of their work together, Sin learns to love again.

While Sinful Melodies has highly erotic scenes and gives interesting insight into the music industry, to me the characters never feel real. Partly, I think, it's because they are so alike. Sin's wife died. Mikayla's parents died. Sin's career is on the rocks; Mikayla's has been on hold. Sin hasn't had sex in six years; Mikayla hasn't in nine years.

Also, Mikayla is inconsistent. She is portrayed as a strong, resilient, business-minded woman, but she cries a lot.

Lastly, the ending of the book is written mostly in narrative and doesn't match the style of the rest of the book. On a high note, the proposal scene is quite touching.

Book Blurb for Sinful Melodies

For years, Mikayla Gallan has dreamed of providing a better life for her younger brother, Matthew, and herself. Coming from a family of singers, Mikayla and Matthew had dreams of making it big someday. But Mikayla's first priority is to always ensure Matthew's future. When Houdini Records comes knocking on her door, offering her everything she's ever wanted, Mikayla's scared to grab onto their offer. Sinclair "Sin" Devlin, part-owner of Houdini Records has loved and lost and has no intentions of ever going down that path again. He's determined to put his company back on the map and is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Seeing Mikayla Gallan on stage and hearing her sultry and passionate voice, Sin believes he has found the woman that could save the company. He's even more shocked to realize that perhaps she's also the only woman to save him from himself.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 3.50