Simply Decadent

When Seth whisks Cass away for a lovers' weekend, he is determined to spend some quality time away from her ringing phone. Cass is determined to prove herself professionally (she's in commercial real estate) and isn't comfortable being disconnected from work.

The two clash over her need to constantly check her phone and her pandering to her demanding boss. Seth believes her drive impedes her happiness and their relationship. Wanting to take their relationship to the next level, he goes to great lengths to distract her with sex.

While Cass would like to be more easygoing, the need to succeed was bred into her by her family, all divorcees with little real joy in their lives. Still, the need to prove herself is strong and anytime Seth pushes her to relax and leave business behind, she tenses up.

It's apparent the pair are a great couple (especially sexually) except for her drive. Can they make it work?

Simply Decadent has some wonderful sex scenes. Seth is a creative man and Cass, when she relaxes, is responsive and playful. Ms. Fox is great at characterization, I felt Seth and Cass were well developed and their interactions true to life.

I didn't like the fact Seth couldn't accept who she was and set out to change her. He seemed to be trying to mold her into the person he wants. The fact that she chose to change at the end, felt more like coercion than a real decision on her part.

Still, the story was well written and had sharp dialog.

Book Blurb for Simply Decadent

Length: 76 pages
Cassandra Valentine may have a romantic name, but lately, romance is the farthest thing from her mind. Until sexy Seth Bryant whisks her away for a weekend full of decadence…
But can erotic nights enhanced by pleasure-inducing props help Seth win Cass’s heart for keeps?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.00