Scarlet Woman

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Scarlet Woman

When Lieutenant Neil Slater asks Morning Herald reporter, Scott Preston, to run a story about the unsolved murder of a realtor from ten years prior, Scott begins to do his own investigating.
All leads point to the realtor's husband, a man who seems guilty but appears to have an airtight alibi.
As Scott digs into the case, he begins to wonder if the murder is somehow related to another murder more than 60-years earlier.
When he visits the scene of the crime, Scott meets Denise Wilson the current owner of the home. He is taken with her and they strike up a tender relationship.
As their romance blossoms and Scott gets closer to uncovering the truth, the killer begins to get restless. Can Scott and Neil catch the murderer before another victim falls prey?
At just over 32,0000 words, Scarlett Woman is short for a mystery. Still the author presented an interesting cast of suspects, had decent character development and was able to craft a good story.
The book held my attention so well that I read it in a single session.

Book Blurb for Scarlet Woman

SCARLET WOMAN is an eerie tale about an unsolved murder, and an unlikely killer who strikes again and again…The sprawling new development lay half-finished and deserted in the lonely darkness of a storm-lashed Sunday afternoon. In the Show Home, an opulent house with pillars and cathedral ceiling, the real estate agent chatted to a friend on her cell phone, hanging up abruptly when she heard footsteps approaching the door. "I’ll call you back as soon as they’ve left," she promised, but never did. For whoever it was had smashed her skull in, leaving her to die in front of the massive stone fireplace with its empty grate. Ten years later the murder still remained unsolved.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 4.25