Storm Saturday Night

An out of work actress on the brink of eviction, Storm Wrenn dresses as a man and auditions to do a commercial for a male enhancement product. She gets the job only to discover the two men producing the commercial are hot and that both look at her with molten eyes.

Having gone a long time without a partner, Storm would love to take them both up on their silent pleas. The only problem? They think she is a man!

When Logan Mackenzie and Judd Taylor set their eyes on Storm Wrenn while she's disguised as a man they can't understand what has their cocks twitching. Straight, their reaction worries them both. After the commercial is shot they discover, their star is actually a woman.

They are relieved though miffed by the deception and decide to get her back.

When Storm returns as a man, they call her bluff. But the three, too distracted by their mutual attraction to stay angry for long, decide to go for a tumble.

While I enjoyed the premise of Storm dressing as a man and winning the job, I had a hard time with the character development. I felt all three characters were flat and found it hard to believe all three had gone so long without sex only to jump in bed on a whim.

Aside from the fact that Storm dressed as a man and brought out the two men's homoerotic sides, I didn't understand why she was worthy of the men fighting over her.

Book Blurb for Storm Saturday Night

Aspiring actress Storm Wrenn needs the money from this commercial or she’ll be evicted. They are casting a man for the part—well, can she act or can’t she? She’ll go to the audition as a man.

Logan Mackenzie and Judd Taylor cast Storm for the part, film the commercial and pay her. But something is wrong. When they discover their male star is a woman, they decide to give her a taste of what real men are like.

Special Content Alert: M/F/M Menage

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 3.75