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Captain Colby 'Cole' Leighton has a single-minded mission in life. Find The Dragon, a ruthless pirate whose true identity remains elusive, and kill him.

When Bailey Spencer's family is attacked by a group of pirates, she barely escapes. While unconscious and near death, she is found by Coles' men and brought aboard their ship.

Being the only person who'd ever survived an attack by the Dragon, Cole believes she may be able to help identity The Dragon and speed his quest. When it becomes clear she can't help in this manner, Cole plans to put the word out that he has the sole survivor of a Dragon attack in order to lure the Dragon out of hiding.

Mourning her family and resenting being taken away from her home, Bailey only wants to go back. The pair regularly argue and often kiss though both feel a romance is out of the question.

When Bailey escapes on a pirate island hoping to catch a ride back home, she is drugged and sold into slavery. Cole buys her and uses the fact he owns her to justify using her as bait. The escape the island in the middle of the night and Bailey is taken to Cole's Caribbean hide out.

There she learns more about Cole and begins to understand him while he also sees her in a new light. When Cole hears The Dragon is back in the colonies, he heads home to North Carolina. That's when Bailey's betrothed, James, comes to save her. But Bailey's feelings toward Cole have changed.

Just as Cole and Bailey admit their love for one another, Bailey is captured by The Dragon who intends to use her to lure Cole into a trap.

While the novel starts off with a bang and the conflict is very well set up, Rogue soon grows heavy under the weight of Bailey's and Fyn's redundant arguments and lack of plot changes. Their emotions were all over the place and I felt as if I were aboard a ship on rocky seas myself. Unfortunately, I also found the story predictable.

Book Blurb for Rogue


Waking up on a ship in the middle of the high seas, Bailey Spencer is shocked to discover she's being held prisoner by Captain Cole Leighton-a handsome rogue who plans to use her as a pawn in his pursuit of vengeance. In all her life, Bailey has never met a man so seductive. She must escape, but his smoldering gaze and caressing touch are irresistible.


Now that he's found the missing piece in his plot for revenge, Cole has no intention of setting Bailey free, though he is intrigued by her unassuming beauty and courageous spirit. But, torn between his searing passion for Bailey and his vow for vengeance, Cole may not be capable of putting his precious jewel in danger-or of ever letting her go.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 2.50