Prairie Wind

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Prairie Wind

Like so many in the historic American west, young Leah Worth has had her share of misfortunes and fortunes. After marrying the man of her dreams, her husband dies and she becomes widowed and pregnant. She delivers twins.

They are a blessing, but Leah has her hands full taking care of them and running the Diamond C, her ranch in Nebraska.

When strife hits the local, black homesteaders, Leah suspects the Sheritans, a local family. She takes her concerns to the sheriff, but he doesn’t help. Leah would like to help the homesteaders more, but she is dealing with many problems: she’s befriended a bedraggled boy who’s being sought for horse thievery; her friend has married Gage Sheritan, the worst of the Sheritan lot; an employee uncovers evidence that her husband may have been murdered; plus she has two suitors too many.

Meanwhile, biologist, Louis Drake, has taken up residence on her ranch. He seems like a respectable man, but there are things about him that give Leah pause. Turns out Leah’s suspicions were right. Will Louis end up bringing more strife to the embattled town or is he just what the botanist ordered?

I liked Prairie Wind, the author did a good job with descriptions, keeping characters consistent and adding colorful secondary characters. However, I felt the plot was unfocused. Part day-in-the-life, part romance, part mystery it didn’t do any of the genres justice. There were too many characters and plot threads that detracted from the main story line.

The romance reared its head too-late to get any traction and the mystery wasn’t much of a mystery since there was only one antagonist named. The strength of Prairie Wind was its portrayal of daily life.

I recommend it to those who enjoy American historicals.

Book Blurb for Prairie Wind

# of pages: 196 pages

Widowed at nineteen, Leah Worth is challenged with being 'boss lady' on the Diamond C, a large cattle ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills. Faced with motherhood without the husband she so deeply loved, while contending with the dangers and entanglements of the widespread ranch community, she is forced to go through the motions of living despite her broken heart.

When tall, broad-shouldered Louis Drake comes into her life, sharing a similar view on romance and remarriage, they become close friends. They face the dangerous challenges that confront first one and then the other. During the process, Leah discovers while going through the 'motions', she has been living all along, and a rich past can lead to a new love and an amazing future.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.00