Passion and Prejudice

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Passion and Prejudice

Madison Todd, a veterinarian in the mill town of Chemsly, believes the Glendon Forest Products mill is poisoning the town. After her father dies, she sets out to shut the mill down, an unpopular position with town's residents.
Little does she know, Clayton Archer, the mill's new owner through inheritance, intends to expand operations.
When she confronts him, sparks fly. While on the opposite side of the issue, they are drawn together. As they progress down their idealistic paths, they also battle their growing feelings for one another.
But the mill issue must be solved one way or another, so something's got to give. The question is, what?
I enjoyed Passion and Prejudice. I felt the conflict was well done and the characters were well developed. However I thought too many coincidences were used to pull Madison and Clay into interacting with one another and to move the plot along.

Book Blurb for Passion and Prejudice

Veterinarian Madison Todd believes her father’s death was caused by the poisonous emissions from the town’s pulp mill and is determined to make the new owner pay.

But Clayton Archer needs the mill to thrive. As Madison sets out on a crusade to close it, Clay just as determinedly begins plans not only to continue production, but to expand.

Despite their growing attraction, when these two unrelenting personalities hit head-on, fireworks abound. Will their differences put an end to a relationship before it has a chance to begin?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.25