Out Of Darkenss

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Out Of Darkenss

When Genny Lynn wakes up in the hospital with no memories of her past, she is shocked to learn that she is married to Luc, a man who despises her, and that her injuries were the result of an apparent murder attempt. After she goes home with him to rehabilitate, she hears shocking stories of her own cruel past.

Sickened by what she learns about herself, Genny Lynn sets out prove she is a changed woman. Slowly, the new Ginny Lynn works her way into her husband's heart. Just as she begins to recall bits and pieces of her past, another version of herself rears up, shattering the wholesome persona.

After remembering that she has a child somewhere, Ginny Lynn becomes frantic. Her quest to remember and her growing fear that her son is in danger pushes her to risk everything.

Out of Darkness is an artfully woven story with plenty of tension and twists. The dialog is excellent and the plot well constructed.

Book Blurb for Out Of Darkenss

OUT OF DARKNESS is a psychological suspense story tormented by past betrayals and riddled with dark secrets. A supposed hit-and-run leaves Genny Lynn for dead in the middle of the night in Old Quebec City. Her past had just caught up with her. It slams into her with such devastating impact that darkness claims her. Genny Lynn hides in the only place left to her - her mind. Suffering from post-traumatic amnesia, she wakes up to find herself married to the Devil.

For three years Luc's been struggling against his wife's terror tactics as she attempted to wrest control of his family's fortune. He longs for nothing more than freedom from her dark presence. Her accident and subsequent case of amnesia grants him a moment of respite. But still, old betrayals are hard to forget. Can he forget what she's done to him in the past? Should he forget?

In the end, is love strong enough to shed light on the truth and pull them out of the darkness that had shadowed their lives for so long?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.25