One + One = Three

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One + One = Three

Retiring model Munro Sheridan has it all, beauty, money, plus the launch of her new career as the owner of Strutt, a high-end lounge. Not only that she is in a polygamous relationship with two gorgeous, rich men who adore her.
Things would be perfect if not for the continual problems with her business. Between pipes bursting, broken steps, mice and roaches, Munro worries about losing the fortune she'd put into starting the lounge. It becomes clear someone is out to get her.

Meanwhile, one of her beaus has a stalker and the other an ex-lover who wants to get back together. These are but two of the jealous women who may be behind the sabotage.

Even as her men try to protect her and her business from further harm, the problems escalate until they reach a life and death situation.

One + One = Three was disappointing. I felt the writing, with it's head-hopping and telling - not showing, was sloppy. The characters were flat and the plotting predictable.

When I chose this book, I found the idea of reading about the polygamous lifestyle intriguing especially since I have a set of friends in the lifestyle. By the time I finished, I was convinced the author did little research on the topic. Outside of the erotic scenes, which were typical manage's the threesome's interactions were tepid and didn't feel real.

Book Blurb for One + One = Three

Former model Munro Sheridan has it all: beauty, brains, and a successful business. Her upscale lounge in Chelsea has quickly become the talk of the town and a hit among the A-listers. But she still finds herself restless for something...more. And then they walk into her lounge one night. The irresistibly handsome Dirk Baptiste and his business associate Rock Phillips, who just so happens to be Munro’s best friend. Both are renown for their prowess in the business world, and are rumored to be conquerors in the bedroom as well. Valuing his friendship, Munro has never allowed herself to discover the truth as far as Rock is concerned, but she can’t help but be drawn to Dirk.

Their one night quickly turns into something so much more and Munro couldn’t be happier. But Rock isn’t willing to let Munro go and when Dirk and Rock offer to bring Munro to heights of pleasure that she has never reached before, she cannot resist. Soon she finds herself swept into a passion of loving two men that goes beyond what she could have ever imagined. And when danger arises both men will do what it takes to protect the woman they love.


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 2.75