Northern Roses and Southern Belles

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Northern Roses and Southern Belles

Northern Roses ath Southern Belles is an Anthology of Six Short American Historical Stories

Angel of My Dreams by Susan Macatee

Kyle Dalton, an historical reenactor gets a real sense of the past when he has visions and moments when he seems to be living in another time. There is a woman there that feels like a sole mate. But why become smitten over a woman he can never hold...or can he?

No Decorum by Mary Ann Webber

Feisty Southerner, Juliet Burnham, meets her match when a Yankee soldier crosses her path. With the odds against them, they manage to eek out a romance. But can it last when her community would rather see him dead?

Are You Going to the Dance by Jeanmarie Hamilton

When a farmer is murdered and his farm raided, the locals jump to the conclusion that the Lipan tribe is to blame. Lexie thinks differently. When the local militia wants to hunt them down, Clayton Majors, a militia member talks them out of it.

Lexie is thankful, but when she tells him she believes the culprit is one of Clayton's friends he scoffs. Will the Lipan be attacked and worse what will happen when this "friend" of Clayton hears Lexie suspects him?

The Colonial and the Cottontail by Jennifer Ross

After performing a raid, Cole and his cohorts flee the scene and enter into Canada. When Cole learns the others have been arrested, he wants to figure out a way to help them escape.

Then a perfect disguise comes along, a widow and her son. They seem to need him as much as he needs them. The trio embark on a relationship that benefits all three, but can it last when Cole has deceived her from the outset?

In the Shadows by Isabel Roman

Marion Shelton is a spy working for the North. Meanwhile, she has feelings for Jack Harrison, a man her Aunt doesn't approve of. When she learns of terrible rebel plans, she gets in over her head spying and puts herself at risk. Can two people, one a spy, the other a smuggler count on anything during wartime?

Long Way Home by Caroline Clemmons

Parmelia and Derreck were betrothed. When he is forced to leave Witherspoon to help his family, he asks her to wait. Wanting to return a worthy groom, he stays where he is trying to make money while getting his mother and sisters settled. As weeks rolled into to months and months years, Parmelia gives up.

Then one day he shows up in the confederate town as a Yankee. He is on the hunt for a violent man who'd been shunned by Parmelia. As he attempts to protect her, she shows her anger at being abandoned.
Derreck explains why he'd never contacted her, but she is doubtful. Will their fragile love be enough when Parmelias's ex-suiter arrives ready for a fight?

The history of the United States is colorful. Thus serves as the backdrop for the six stories in the Northern Roses and Southern Belles anthology.

With battles between Native Americans and Colonials, Northerners and Southerners, and Good and Bad there is a wealth of conflict to draw on. While the geographic breadth is vast, from sea to shining sea practically, and the backdrops varied, the conflicts are drawn from wartime.

Knowing you or your lover may not live to see the next day tends to throw decorum out the window. These were all entertaining, informative stories that I enjoyed reading.

Book Blurb for Northern Roses and Southern Belles

Historical American Anthology
Rating: Sensual Page Count: 354
In a country torn asunder--from the Canadian border to Texas, from Maryland to Arkansas, from the battlefield of Antietam to the Red River Campaign--brave men and loyal women see their lives turned upside down. Peril lurks behind every tree and near every homestead, but the hard-fought love of a man and a woman surpasses all. Six talented writers provide stories of romance and danger centering on Union and Confederate soldiers, spies, blockade runners, renegades, and battlefield nurses during a period of corsets, hoopskirts, and gentlemen callers.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.25