My Last Dark Day

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My Last Dark Day


On the anniversaries of several traumatic events in her life, the Heroine struggles with depression. Deep feeling and analytical, she has come to accept this about herself, but that doesn't make her gloom any easier.

Part of why these events have so much impact on the Heroine is because she harbors a deep distrust of people and because she has no one to share her grief with.

Then she meets a couple on the Internet, they become fast friends sending emails back and forth. Soon she's divulging more to them than anyone else and they offer to help her through her dark days. When one comes along, she considers their offer, but being a loner she sets out on her own.

Later she finds herself in a bar, drinking herself into a stupor. Then, out of the blue the husband of the pair shows up to take her back to his home. Once there she learns the wife is actually a slave and the husband is into domination, but they promise her they can help and the Heroine decides to stay.

The pair tie her to the bed, then the husband proceeds to give her several of the best orgasms of her life, which convinces her to trust him. She agrees it was exactly what she needed and that she will allow them to help her through her dark days in the future.

Since My Last Dark Day was written in first person and the heroine had many emotional issues, the book was psychologically intense. Personally, I liked the added tension and felt Ms. Huffert did a good job of getting me and keeping me in the Heroine's head.

I would have appreciated names and descriptions for the main characters (other than the giant penis). It would have allowed me to visualize the story better. I found the premise that the Heroine was able to overcome her depression through domination and orgasms unrealistic. But, hey, if it works...

Book Blurb for My Last Dark Day

Things are often not as they first appear.

What's a woman to do when faced with yet another in a never-ending cycle of anniversaries guaranteed to ruin her day?

Step one, respond when contacted on-line by a friendly couple.

Step two, accept the wife's claim of the husband's empathic sensitivities as fact.

Step three, go along quietly when the husband miraculously comes to the rescue just when he's needed most.

Step four, have the courage to put complete control in his more than capable hands.

Step five, don't think. Go with the flow. Be open to all possibilities. Relax and enjoy.

Step six, repeat frequently.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.00