Making Tracks

Werewolf - book 3

Making Tracks, Buffi BeCraft-Woodall's final installment of a werewolf trilogy, is likely the best of the series. Of the three it is the most imaginative adding an angry dragon into the mix as well as taking us into the world of fairies. It introduces a mutant puppy werewolf that the author describes so well that I wanted to adopt him myself.

Like the other two books, Making Tracks has a basis in righting past wrongs. This time Mark Weis, a boy (man now) who'd been adopted by the pack, faces down his father who is as greedy as he is cruel.

Weaved through the story is the romance between Bailey Sparks, a psychic, and Mark. Bailey is 10-years older, a bit overweight and insecure while Mark is chiseled steel, dimwitted and goofy but likable.

Ms. BeCraft-Woodall does a good job of developing the characters and moving the plot quickly. In this book it felt like she'd hit her stride. With witty dialog and an intense plot there was rarely a dull moment.

Around 54,000 words, Making Tracks is shorter than the first book. It may be hard to follow the subplots if the either the first or second books aren't read first.

Note: The other books in the series are Weremones and PMSing.

Book Blurb for Making Tracks

Breaking pack rules, Mark goes AWOL to find his missing physic, certain she's in trouble--and she is--deep trouble.

Rating: sensual/spicy-some graphic violence

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.50