Love's Reflection

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Love's Reflection

Wounded by past rejection, Dr. Cort Hirsch, a brilliant professor, creates Alpha, a female robot to meet his every need. Making her in the image of Zoe Parker, a movie star who'd publicly snubbed him, Cort purposefully denies her the ability to have sex.

Once she is activated, he soon realizes she is far more human than he'd ever imagined. And the chance that his robot could pass the Turing Test, the ultimate test of artificial intelligence, is within his grasp.

However, the fact that she is the spitting image of Zoe Parker soon causes him problems with her fans and the paparazzi. Just when Cort is about to change her appearance, he gets a call asking if Alpha would be willing to play Zoe Parker's double in a movie she is currently working on.

Elated to again meet the woman of his fantasies, plus prove to the world he's created the perfect robot, Cort agrees. Little does he know, Zoe's life has been threatened and that he is placing Alpha in harm's way.

Just as Cort is getting to know the real Zoe Parker, a selfish, mean woman, Alpha's human traits grow stronger and a sweet, gentle personality emerges.

But danger is afoot and before Alpha can pass the Turing Test and Cort can create a lasting relationship with Zoe, disaster strikes. Now Cort must choose between the project that has consumed his life and Alpha.

Love's reflection is a fun, fish-out-of-water book. It is obvious Ms. North has done a lot of research, which added dimension to the story. I also felt the dialog, particularly Alpha's was excellent.

Book Blurb for Love's Reflection

Alpha is every man's fantasy woman: pure and untouched, low-maintenance, obedient, beautiful, anatomically perfect. She's a robot, created by Dr. Cort Hirsch in the image of his unrequited love interest Zoe Parker, film superstar. When his robot refuses to clean the bathroom until he provides waterproof gloves to protect her hands, the hunky scientist realizes there may be some flaws in her design. Alpha, Zoe, and Cort are thrown together when Zoe receives death threats and Alpha is used as the bait to catch the stalker. Cort's passion is consummated, but by which female?

Word Count:  76,772

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.25