Hot Contract

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Hot Contract

Book one of DalCon

Geologist Guinevere "Jen" Stalling, the daughter of billionaire Art Stalling, is working on The Project, a controversial geothermal, power plant in the Hawaiian Islands when her boss is brutally murdered.

Fearing for Jen's well being, Jen's father offers to hire Keegan Dalfrey to keep her safe. But Keegan has his own worries. While on a previous mission, his brother was kidnapped. Not wanting to attempt a hostile recovery that could go bad, Keegan decides to take the job, even though he finds it unsavory, because it will allow him to earn the ransom.

Soon he learns someone wants Jen dead and that keeping her safe will be harder than he ever imagined. Not only that, he finds himself growing to care for the rich, Daddy's girl who is a funny combination of grit and insecurity.

Cynical in love due to bad experiences, Jen doesn't trust Keegan's affection and must decide whether Keegan's attraction is truly for her or for her money.

I enjoyed the unique setting in Hawaii among the volcanos. Also the characters, full of angst and passion, were interesting to read. I felt there was a lot going on in the book, and that, at times, the multiple plots and many characters made the story a little confusing. Overall, Hot Contract is a fast-paced, enjoyable and engaging story.

Book Blurb for Hot Contract

When Jen Stalling, chief geologist on a new magma-based power plant known as the Pele Project witnesses the murder of a fellow scientist, Project officials don't want the negative publicity of a murder investigation. "An accident," they say. Jen knows better. So does her father, billionaire Art Stalling. But having pushed Jen away years ago, he can't now reveal his interest without exposing her to danger. He hires DalCon, a Seattle-based security group to watch over her.

Keegan Dalfrey has his own problems. Four days ago, during a routine mission gone wrong, his brother was captured by South Pacific extremists. They want two million in ten days. Keegan can make that in nine days by neutralizing the threat to Jen. It's an all or nothing gamble with his brother's life in the balance. He never expected to fall in love.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00