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Tired of poverty and fiercely independent, Aurora Long, a farmer's daughter, wants to earn her own money and has her sights on marrying money. In her view, the best catch in town is Clyde Stergons, the banker's son. Using her guile, she convinces him to get her a job at the bank.
Things would be perfect if only Clyde weren't a scoundrel and Seth Bridges, a preacher who'd come into town to speak at a revival, didn't make her heart do double time.
But nothing is as-it-seems, because Seth doesn't leave Lofgren after the revival. Although Aurora knows he's also attracted to her, she has no intention of being a mousey preacher's wife. What she doesn't know is that Seth is a bureau agent who is working undercover trying to break up a bootlegging ring.
While Seth never intends to settle down, his assignment keeps him in Lofgren long enough that the feisty Aurora gets under his skin. He reminds himself that he has a dangerous job to do and doesn't want personal relationships. So what are these two headstrong people to do once love rears its head?
I enjoyed Honeysuckle for a couple of reasons. Set during prohibition and moving into the great depression, it had a rich historical backdrop. It also felt well researched. I enjoyed Aurora's assertive nature, though because of blatant desire to marry for money, I didn't always like her.
Seth's character, an undercover cop posing as a preacher could have been more interesting. I was disappointed to see he never gave a sermon. (I was curious to see how he'd handle it.) His staying on in Lofgren for months and never really having a job or acting preacherly felt unrealistic.
Though the story held together very well and was well-written, though the romance between Seth and Aurora was slow in coming as was the resolution regarding the bootleggers. If you enjoy American historicals, I would recommend this story.

Book Blurb for Honeysuckle

Seth Bridges has come to Lofgren, Illinois for one purpose, to determine who is instrumental in the bootlegging operation in the area. As an undercover Bureau agent, his disguise as an itinerant preacher does not seem appropriate, but everyone assures him this is the best way to disguise himself. On his way to minister to a dying man, he asks directions from Aurora Long, a local farm girl. Aurora has big plans for her life, and they don’t include getting involved with a preacher, despite his good looks. However, their mutual attraction is instant, and can’t be ignored.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.25