Holiday Nectar

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Holiday Nectar

Suave, charming and deliciously male, Aidan is used to getting what he wants. That is until he falls for Ashlynn, his enticing, witty coworker.

While Ashlynn flirts shamelessly with Aidan, she's had experience with his type and is determined to keep their relationship platonic. But their chemistry is so obvious that their co-workers have set up an office pool to guess when Aidan will get her into bed.

During the company Christmas party, employees start a racy game of truth or dare. After Aidan and Ashlynn are dared to kiss, a raging desire is ignited. Afterward, when Ashlynn is dared to strip another man, Aidan objects and a fight breaks out.

Shocked that Aidan would fight over her, Ashlynn understands that she means more to him than she'd believed. Now she must decide whether she'll take another chance on love.

Holiday Nectar is a delightfully fun, sexy read. The characters feel real (heck I fell for Aidan myself) and the dialog is fresh.

It's the perfect light book to read by twinkling Christmas lights after a long day of holiday madness.

Book Blurb for Holiday Nectar

Ashlynn Reynolds has spent months trying to resist her oh so sexy co-worker Aidan O'Connor. It's Christmas time and it seems this years holiday party has a lot more in store than just mistletoe!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 5.00