Heart Song

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Heart Song

Escaping her abusive father, Chloe Brandt leaves Southern Pass, Nebraska, for nursing school in Lincoln. Doing so, she leaves behind Reese Lloyd, her first love and the man everyone thought she'd marry. When her estranged sister and her husband are murdered in Chicago, Chloe is shocked to learn she has a nephew and that she and Reese have been named his guardians.

Torn between the life she loves and fulfilling her dead sister's request, Chloe struggles to make a decision.

While Reese never stopped loving Chloe, his heart still aches from the fact that she'd left him and their small hometown for bigger and better things.

When Chloe suggests marriage, Reese agrees though he doubts Chloe's love and holds his himself back. As Chloe spends time with Reese, her deep love reemerges and she realizes she is where she wants to be.

But their fragile union is tested at every turn, forcing Chloe and Reese to deal with their conflicted emotions.

While Heart song falls along the standard romance plot line, there is much to this story that I purposefully left out of the synopsis so that the reader may be surprised. The twists in this book were unexpected, delightful and unusual. I found myself drawn into the story on many levels and felt the characters and plot were very well developed.

In addition, set in Nebraska in the 1920's, Heart Song has an interesting historical backdrop.

Book Blurb for Heart Song

Chloe Brandt wants to be a flapper. She's got the whole uniform down pat from the bobbed hair to the short skirts that ride above the knee when she dances The Charleston. She left the stifling confines and domestic violence of the farm where she grew up to find excitement in the city and to become a nurse. When fate drags her back home, the small town and its people she once thought of as old-fashioned and backward welcome her with open arms. They accept her for whom she is, and show Chloe that home is truly where the heart is.

Reese Lloyd is grieving the gangster-style murder of his brother and sister-in-law and wants to find his brother's murderer. When he and Chloe are named joint guardians of his brother's child, he is torn. Involved with another woman, dare he risk his heart on Chloe again? Can he trust her to stay and make a life with him?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 5.00