Gold Dollar Seduction

Rose Dixon is a victim of the times. After her parents death she takes her best option and becomes Johnny Howard's kept woman on the side. Once Johnny has her beholden to him, he changes and she begins to despise him. As a way to escape, she "works" on the side trying to save enough money.

She is hired and getting ready to have sex with Ben McCade, a drifter and man she is powerfully drawn to, when Johnny catches them. She shoots Johnny and she and Ben go on the run. As they meet danger and succumb to their desires, they grow close.

But Ben isn't the settling down type and has no desire for a wife. So what's he going to do once he gets her out of harm's way?

Gold Dollar Seduction is an interesting historical piece that seemed well-researched. I had a hard time buying the idea Rose had to be Johnny's girl. I liked how the author built the sexual tension between Rose and Ben.

Book Blurb for Gold Dollar Seduction

# of pages or word count: 128 pages
Heat rating: 4 Novas
Cowpuncher Ben McCade has a pocketful of money and a thirst for good whiskey...and for Rose Dixon. But she belongs to his former boss, Johnny Howard. Undeterred, Ben offers Rose thirty gold dollars to share her bed for the night. It's a risky offer, but one Rose is willing to take. She desperately wants her freedom. The money not only tempts her, but so does the rugged cowboy.
When Johnny catches them, all hell breaks loose. Ben and Rose manage to escape, and Ben promises to find her a safe place to live. He also promises to collect his money's worth from her. Rose willingly lives up to her end of the bargain when it comes to granting Ben McCade sexual pleasures. Unfortunately, the deal between the two of them wasn't supposed to involve her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.00