Go Ahead and Try

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Go Ahead and Try

When Troy’s ex-girlfriend lands on his doorstep asking for help, he tells her to leave. After walking out on him, she’d left him penniless by cleaning out his bank account and selling off his assets.

He’s struggled to get his life back together and isn’t about to let the seductive Sandy derail him. Sandy has other plans.

Using her womanly ways, she gets him to agree to a challenge. She has five-minutes to change his mind about letting her stay, but can only touch one square inch of him.

Sandy starts her seductive torture. The devious plan has Troy rethinking his plan to keep her out of his life.

While this was a fun story, I couldn’t help but be sad for Troy. He is weak. The poor guy will never be master of his own life when Sandy is around.

Book Blurb for Go Ahead and Try

Length: Short (4852)

Category: Humor

Heat Level: eXcess 3

Troy’s ex-girlfriend Sandy, is an evil woman. She arms herself with a deadly pout weapon and a lip licking technique purchased from a local voodoo priestess. Her departure from his life embarrassed him personally and ruined him financially. Troy despises her and never wants to see her again. The breakup made him the talk of the town for months. So much so that ladies from his mom’s church stopped by with cakes, casseroles, and money.

Now she stands before him once again using her charms in an attempt to wiggle her way back into his life. Surely he won’t say yes, will he? What could she possibly do to make him change his mind?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.75