Ghost Touch

Teri Mallory is a witch in training. When her trainer, who is also her grandmother, dies leaving Teri with all her magical devices, Teri is overwhelmed. On her deathbed, her grandmother urges her to get a spirit guide.
On her way to heaven, Teri's grandmother finds Sage Kaimoon, a ghost that was an FBI Agent in life, and tells him to watch over Teri. But Sage is still tracking his nemesis, another ghost named Lu-Marc.
When Teri calls for her spirit guide, Sage is pulled into her home. They are drawn to each other and make love. Seeing Sage with a woman only gives Lu-Marc more ammunition. Knowing Lu-Mark has Teri in his crosshairs, Sage renews his hunt for the man/ghost.
Teri is caught between worlds and between men. She becomes part ghost, part human, part hunter, part hunted and Sage's lover. All the while she is perfecting her witchcraft. But is it enough to take down the evil Lu-Mark?
While I am a fan of the paranormal genre, this book was too much. First off, Teri and Sage carry on a physical love affair. Also Sage and Lu-Mark, both ghosts, are trying to kill each other in the astral plane with guns and knives. 
It also had that horror film trait, where the hero and heroine behave illogically. For example, Lu-Mark (the ghost) is unconscious and Teri wants to kill him and end his reign of terror. But Sage stops her because he wants to take her away to make sure she doesn't witness Lu-Mark's death. When they are making out, Lu-Mark wakes up.
What the reader should know is, Ghost Touch has a LOT of sex, which is fine if that's what you are reading it for. It is also very violent. Personally, I felt the plotting was too convenient. Sometimes things passed through the ghosts, other times the ghosts were injured. There were other examples, but I don't give away too much of the plot.

Book Blurb for Ghost Touch

A dead FBI agent with a mission.

Special Agent Sage Kaimoon has spent the four years since his death tracking French traitor, Lu-Marc. He's hot on Lu-Marc's trail, ready to bring him down, when an unexpected encounter with a powerful spirit sets him on a path that will change his...death.

A witch looking for her spirit guide.

Teri Mallory follows her grandmother's dying wish and works a spell to bring her a spirit guide. Teri expects an elderly spirit with the wisdom of the world to help her find her way. What she gets is a scorchingly sexy ghost bound for vengeance who turns her life and her heart inside out.

Death separates them. Passion unites them, and all too soon, she finds that she needs his ghost touch...

This book is a rereleased version of a book by the same title. It has been revised and updated, though is not substantially changed from the previous version.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.00