For the Love of Murphy

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For the Love of Murphy

Katie Thomas is on her way to visit her brother in Victor City when her stagecoach is robbed and several people are killed. When she is found by the town's sheriff, Wade Murphey, she is blood-covered and wielding a gun. She nearly shoots him to death before passing out.
Aside from Katie, there is only one other survivor of the robbery and he is badly wounded and unconscious. With the money missing and everyone else dead, the Sheriff considers Katie a suspect. Then he learns of her sharp shooting skills and about her association with a convict in Chicago. When the bullets from one of the dead men match the gun she was holding, Murphy is convinced that she had something to do with the robbery.
Katie is dumbfounded. She can't explain why she was bloodied or how the bullets from her gun ended up in a dead man. All she knows is that she is plagued with nightmares and that her growing attraction for and annoyance with Murphy is unsettling.
Then the real bandit returns and needs Katie's help to find the money.
For the Love of Murphy is an exciting read with a lot of plot twists and action. The conflict and interactions between Murphy and Katie are so much fun. The side characters are colorful and the dialog terrific. I enjoyed CJ Love's humor throughout.
Only one thing detracted, the prose didn't flow smoothly. It had a staccato feel making it hard to follow at times. But overall, For the Love of Murphy is a good story with a good conflict and likable characters.

Book Blurb for For the Love of Murphy

Murphy looks forward to stepping down from his post as sheriff in Victor City. He's sure there's more to life than corralling drunks, disarming bandits, and clearing the streets of pickpockets. But before he leaves office Murphy must discover the truth of what happened during a stagecoach robbery that left three men dead and one man comatose. Katie Thomas is the only conscious survivor of the incident and swears she does not remember the event. Murphy wants to believe her but if she's telling the truth why do shifty characters keep turning up to ask her where she hid the money? It may be his last act as sheriff but Murphy determines to find out if beautiful Katie Thomas is as innocent as she looks.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.50