Flipside Erotica: Both Sides of the Story

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Flipside Erotica: Both Sides of the Story

Volume 1 - Her Eyes, Volume 1 - His Eyes

Flipside Erotica: Both Sides of the Story is an anthology of 24 stories; or actually 12 stories told twice from two different prospectives. His and Hers. All the male stories were written from a single character's point-of-view, while each woman was different.

The project was unique and interesting. I liked the variety of situations and that they "felt" real. The scenes were light, playful and easy to read.

I enjoyed the stories told from His prospective because reading erotica from a male point-of-view (and a male writer) is somewhat uncommon to find. It's nice to hear what he thinks about!

The storytelling from the female point-of-view, felt like it was written by a man. Is this bad? good? I don't know.
It didn't have as strong an effect on my, um, motor as other erotic writing does. Perhaps, it's because there were 12 women and one man?

My two-cents, even for women who enjoy reading erotic encounters (as I do) they don't want to be 1 of 12. It's about placing yourself in the fantasy, I think.

Perhaps the bigger market for this book is men?

Book Blurb for Flipside Erotica: Both Sides of the Story

This book presents a unique twist to erotic stories. There are 24 stories; 12 from the man’s point of view and the same 12 from the woman’s point of view. Both sides of the story are told, and you see the encounter through the eyes of each person.
The book is even printed with half the stories on one side, and then you flip it over to read the other half of the stories.
The stories take place in a variety of locations and scenarios, some indoors and some out, some in an office and a few in the bedroom. To add to the intrigue, I will tell you that half of the stories are true, and the other half are based on someone I met and wished this is how things would have worked out. It’s your job as the reader to figure out which ones are real, and which ones are just my active sexual imagination at work.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.25