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Tully Chambers is hiding. After working undercover, she has become the lone witness capable of taking down a powerful mob. Using street smarts honed by a troubled adolescence and the books smarts of her police officer training, she’s managed to stay alive, so far.

Enter her new neighbor, Jake Holden, a man who makes the mistake of slipping his key into the wrong door. When Tully takes him down, he’s shocked and intrigued.

While they are both attracted, the time to Tully’s trial and her departure draw near. Jake, a veteran, battles his own demons. When Jake sees a clip of Tully on television, he realizes the danger she’s in and sets out to help.

Tully doesn’t want his help, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need it. When Jake bails her out of one situation then treks her to a remote location to hide her until the trial, it seems Tully is safe, except now her heart is in danger. Unable to whether the emotional storm, she decides to go back to work.

And that’s when things really heat up.

I enjoyed Fallout. It had strong believable characters that were well-suited to each other. The David and Goliath feel of the story was fun to read and I loved what a kick-a** heroine Tully was.

A fast-paced, enjoyable read well worth picking up.

Book Blurb for Fallout

Risking their lives for others is second nature, but can they trust each other enough to risk their hearts?

Tully Chambers is no damsel in distress. An up and coming detective, she had her sights set on promotion until the day her partner was murdered and she ended up on the run from the mob.

Jake Holden has demons of his own. Having served his country for over twenty years, he’s found himself wounded, alone, and without a plan for his future. What starts as a simple diversiontrying to figure out the feisty little waitress next door—turns out to be his most dangerous mission yet.

From the tropics of Far North Queensland to the rugged isolation of the Northern Territory in Australia, two modernday warriors discover their greatest fear isn’t that of a madman’s revenge–but of laying their hearts on the line for love.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.25