Fall From Grace

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Fall From Grace

Fallen Angels - Book 2

Since leaving his lover Samael, the Archangel of Death, Raphael, the Archangel of Air, has become self-destructive. Feeling he can make more of a difference being around people and frustrated by his brothers' deceit and heavenly politics in general, Raphael has been spending all his time on Earth.

Then Raphael gets a visit from his brother, Michael, who tells him that things have changed in heaven and rumor has it poorly-behaved angels are being banished. Michael urges him to return, but Raphael doesn't care if he is banished.

When Lucifer hears that Raphael may be a permanent fixture on Earth, he worries that he and Samael, who also resides on Earth, will clash. Knowing a fight between the two Archangels could destroy the Earth, Lucifer talks Raphael into visiting Samael in an attempt to reconcile.

Raphael sees the wisdom in the request and finds Samael at home with his lover Daniel. When Samael and Raphael meet the love and lust they've been harboring emerges. Just as Raphael asks Samael to forgive him, Daniel walks in. Daniel manages to diffuse the tension by acknowledging the pair's love for one another.

Just as it seems things okay, Raphael is summoned to heaven to be put on trial for his un-angelic behavior. When he's sentenced to death, Lucifer and Samael collude to try and save him.

Okay, take a breath, all that in a story that runs less then 10,000-words. The author is very good at conveying a lot with few words, meaning read carefully. Not only did the plot move at break-neck speed, the characters were well developed and interesting.

This book is the second in a Fallen Angel series and while I'm not usually a Yaoi genre fan or gay erotica fan I am going to buy the first book and will definitely be watching for the rest of the series! Good stuff, thank you Auburnimp.

Book Blurb for Fall From Grace

Desperately unhappy about Samael's involvement with Daniel, Raphael starts drinking heavily. An unexpected visit from Michael leads to Lucifer taking an interest in him and from there things get steadily worse.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.75