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Danny Boy Cadogan lives with an abusive, alcoholic father and a weak mother. Seeing his family starve, as a young teen, he takes a job and begins taking care of this family. When his father goes missing, he learns his dad has rung up a massive debt gambling and is likely in hiding.

The fact his father hasn’t been home, doesn’t stop his debt collectors (a pair of thug brothers) from visiting the house and trying to extract the money.

Thus is Danny’s introduction to thuggery. He gets a taste for the violent way of life and sets about turning himself into a Face, that is someone to be feared and respected.

Calculating and cruel, Danny cripples his father, demeans his wife and kills for fun. These attributes serve him well on his way to the top.

His counter balance, and the only person with any influence over him, is Michael Miles. Michael is the voice of reason. A lifelong friend, Michael is Danny’s partner in crime. That is, until, even Michael can no longer stand his cruelty.

Will the unstoppable Danny survive or will the line of people wanting to kill him succeed?

For my tastes, Faces was too violent. There was no respite from meanness and nobody to root for except the weak who were obliterated without a second thought.

Faces is interesting as far as the political interplay of mobs, but felt longer than its 677 pages, and it took plenty of willpower to finish reading.

Book Blurb for Faces

Gritty. Gripping. Unforgettable. Martina's back.

Just before Danny Cadogan’s fourteenth birthday, his father leaves. Having drunkenly run up a gambling debt he cannot pay, Big Dan Cadogan takes the easy way out. Leaving behind his wife and children to face the wrath of the men sent to collect the debt. Determined to protect his mother, brother and sister, something changes in Danny and, overnight, he turns into a young man set on making his way in a violent and dangerous world. He becomes a Face. Not just a Face, but the most feared Face in the Smoke. Out for all he can get. At any cost. But Danny’s ruthlessness on the streets of London doesn’t stop at his front door. He rules his wife, Mary, and his children, with an iron will – and his fists. But if Mary breaks her silence, it could shake Danny’s criminal empire; right to the very core. And for a Face at the top of his game, there’s only one way to go. Down. Because, after all, debts can be paid without money. Set in the heart of London's criminal gangland, from the seventies right up to the present day, FACES is gritty, gripping and utterly unforgettable.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 3.00