Deal with the Devil

Debilitating panic attacks have ruled Luz’s life. She’s a werewolf who can’t shift and an attorney who can’t pass the BAR exam.

Then she meets Jude, a vampire with a bad reputation. They seem to have an immediate bond. When he proposes they exchange blood and promises that drinking his will help her anxiety, Luz agrees. The blood exchange works but when her brother finds out, he’s angry. Aside from the fact her family would never approve of the union, her brother fears for Luz’s soul.

Luz doesn’t want to put more strain on her already caustic relations with her parents nor stay in a potentially dangerous situation, but she is drawn to the man who’s shown her kindness and gives her strength.

The blood exchange works, Luz retakes the bar and is sure she passed, but when Jude tries to make love to her, Luz’s abusive past, and the cause of her panic attacks, catches up with her.

Can Jude’s tenderness and blood be enough to heal Luz and can she be with a blood-thirsty vampire. And what to do about the disapproval of her family? If that weren’t enough, someone from Luz’s past is lurking.

Deal with the Devil is the story about two beautiful, damaged misfits who find solace in one another. Jude, ever patient, yet dangerous, is the perfect offset to the tentative Luz.

The author did a great job with conflict and raising the stakes in a believable manner while keeping her characters in character. Well done!

Book Blurb for Deal with the Devil

Luz Velez is a shapeshifter who can’t shift. Every time she tries to summon her inner wolf, she has a massive panic attack. Worse, her anxiety extends to the rest of her life. At twenty-seven, she’s still a virgin because attempting to have sex sends her into lockdown mode. She’s miserable and stuck—until Jude Jacobson comes along.

Tall, blond and dangerous, Jude is the most feared vampire in town and the minute he sees her, he wants Luz. Vampires and shapeshifters don’t date but he makes her an offer she can’t refuse—a blood exchange that will help her control her panic attacks and give her the life she’s always wanted.

Luz is desperate—she takes Jude up on his offer. But she doesn’t expect to fall for the darkly seductive vampire—or to be plunged into danger when her past comes calling. When Jude’s own dark secret comes to light, she begins to question her deal with the devil and wonder if she and Jude can make it…or if they’ll die trying.

***Contains Chapter 1 of Seeing with the Heart, a brand new Brides of the Kindred novella

Author Note#1

While I have tried to handle Luz’s past trauma sensitively, some readers, particularly those with a history of sexual abuse, may find this story disturbing.

Author Note # 2

This book was originally published by Ellora's Cave back in 2012. Since I have regained the rights to my books from them, I have decided to re-release a number of my favorites. If you bought the book when it first came out, there is no need to buy it again. Thank you for reading!

Author's Note #3--Did you know Deal with the Devil is also available in Audio? It's narrated by the very talented Mackenzie Cartwright who also read my Alien Mate Index books. Check it out!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.50