Dangerous Crossing

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Dangerous Crossing

When Jill Windham buys a Victorian style home in a small town, she gets more than she bargained for. A whole lot more. The previous owner, a puzzle nut, has hidden his life savings on the property.

Soon she learns the previous owner's niece had disappeared. Though murder was never proven, the town's people suspect the niece's brother, Kern Lyon, murdered her to secure his inheritance.

As soon as Jill moves in, strange things begin to happen. Ferrets are unleashed in the house, there are break-ins, and Kern Lyon, who still has a key, enters the house whenever he feels like it.

Also, when Jill finds a hidden puzzle and begins piecing it together, she realizes it may be the key to solving the murder. While all clues point at Kern, her attraction to him is so strong that she throws logic out the window.

Others know there is a treasure buried in the house, and someone will stop at nothing to get it.

Dangerous Crossing started off with an intriguing premise, but devolved into a complicated muddle.

I was frustrated by Jill's character.

On her first night in the house after hearing a crash, she goes armed with just a flashlight into the cellar. The Cellar! The one place I would never go - The place with the big heavy wooden door that could easily be blocked should someone be in there.

Nothing happens, but it's an example of why this story needs reworking. When she learns Kern has a key, Jill decides she ought to get her locks changed, but then forgets or puts it off for most of the story.

She gets a dog for protection but then doesn't let it in the house even after she's seen someone inside in the middle of the night. She forgets her gun and cell phone constantly.

The story is full of things that don't make sense or are too convenient for the plot. I don't want to go into more examples, suffice to say, this was not a well-executed story. This story had a great premise, but needs to be thought out more.

Book Blurb for Dangerous Crossing

Genre: Mystery Romance
Thirty-five-year-old widow and family counselor, Jill Windham, had barely moved into her 65-year-old Victorian-style house in Grandfalls, Texas, when she heard rumors that Kern Lyon, the dark, enigmatic man who sold her the house, may have murdered his sister in order to inherit the estate.
Strange events occur beginning with her first night in the house when pranksters release ferrets in her basement. But when her house is burglarized twice, she is convinced there is something valuable hidden within its walls. 
Despite all the warnings from her neighbor, Kern, Jill’s infatuation with him ignites into a reckless and dangerous affair. Even after she discovers a disturbing hand-scrawled note on the back of a puzzle stating that Kern murdered his sister, she is too smitten by him to turn it in to the police. But she must. Her very life depends on it.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 2.75