Dancing With Tad

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Dancing With Tad

Clancy Rogers, a plucky single mother of two teenagers, owner of five dogs and freelance writer, has her hands full. And that was before her son got tied up and left in her shed, before she saw a strange man in the woods behind her house and before her daughter got in big trouble at school.
And it's not just her family that's going wacky. There is the influx of drugs into town, the nightly satanic rituals in the park, and the odd newcomers.
Nothing adds up, so Clancy, worried for her kids, jumps into the mix. This does not bode well at all for Agent Thadeous Johannsen with the DEA who is leading a task force to battle a crime ring that is importing drugs from Mexico. He believes the crimes in Grooster, Indiana, are just the latest in a long string. The last thing he needs is a meddling Mom.
Too bad for him.
Then things go from bad to worse. Her dogs bring Clancy a marijuana-filled condom they found in her yard; her daughter has a pierced, tattooed and disrespectful visitor and the town's reporter is injured in a poop-pelting incident when she goes undercover. All the while things are heating up with the sexy DEA agent.
Clancy is knee deep in the mystery when her daughter goes missing.
Using clues left behind by one of the victims, Clancy pieces things together. Two steps ahead of the police; will she have what it takes to stop the bad guys?
Dancing With Tad is an inventive, laugh-out-loud story. Ms. Cheever has a wonderful sense of humor. Besides the funny situations and descriptions, the word play is terrific. Along with that, the dialog is phenomenal.
I enjoyed the zany characters and plot twists.
The only criticism I have is that the story takes a while to get going and that the ending is a bit mucky. I don't want to ruin it by saying what happened only that it left me going, hmmmm.
Regardless, I highly recommend this book. I can't say enough about how clever and fun it is. I am looking forward to reading Sam's other books.

Book Blurb for Dancing With Tad

Something strange is going on in Grooster, Indiana. Nightly Satanic rituals in the park and the infusion of drugs into the community have everyone on edge. When Clancy Rogers’ daughter, The Princess, comes up missing, Clancy takes to the proverbial trail to find her.

Unfortunately that trail is littered with a weird and wacky cast of characters, including a palm raping psychic with a rabid love of chocolate snack cakes, a Shakespearean wanna-be reporterette who gets pelted with dog poop while spying on the Satanists.

A local veterinarian who looks like he was dropped to Earth from the planet Zorgon and who holds conversations with his patients on a regular basis. Add to this mix a guy who looks really hot in tight jeans and scuffed boots, but who unfortunately likes to follow all the rules Clancy keeps stomping on, and you have trouble in Grooster with a capital T…A…D!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 4.75